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December 3, 2018 [ Beta Release ]

  • Hypno, Psych, Kine  - Fixed a problem that broke our installations when Windows 10 installed a major update.
  • Hypno - Increased the range for the "Detail" slider in the "Auxiliary Settings" panel of the configuration dialog.   Faster systems with 4K monitors should look better.


July 31, 2015

  • Psych - Removed reliance on 256 color video modes for color effects.  This *vastly* improves the appearance on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • Psych - Added frames-per-second target goals (for both module drawing and color animation)  to the "Auxiliary Settings" panel of the configuration dialog.


January 7, 2015

  • Removed a runtime dependency issue in AudioMonitorDLL.dll that displayed an error and prevented it from loading on some systems
  • Improved platform compatibility and performance


October 15, 2014

  • Added support for sound sync with any media player on Windows Vista or later
  • Improved performance with many of the modules
  • Many new preset Displays, Palettes, Textures, and Objects.
  • Added a floating visuals window option to the task bar launcher
  • Improved integration with post-Windows XP platforms. 
  • Dropped support for pre-XP platforms

**We recommend that you uninstall previous versions of the software before installing the new versions.  Be sure to back up any Displays you have created first so that you can import them into the new version.

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