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Synthesoft develops and publishes audio-visual software including: The Psychedelic  Screen Saver, The Hypnogenic Screen Saver, The Kinemorphic 3D Screen Saver, and CD Spectrum Pro

Synthesoft, Inc. has been developing audio-visual software since 1994. Our first products, The Psychedelic Screen Saver and CD/Spectrum Pro, provided an integrated media player and audio visualization generator for Microsoft Windows 95.  In 1997 Synthesoft released The Kinemorphic 3D Screen Saver which produced sound-responsive three dimensional animations and, in 1999, we added The Hypnogenic Screen Saver to our product line.

Our products have evolved significantly over the years. In addition to adding new image generation modules to take advantage of improvements in computing performance, we've included hundreds of additional displays to showcase the new and improved capabilities.

While our products have changed, our mission has remained the same, to write quality software that fuses color and sound to provide an engaging audio-visual experience.

For an overview of our current product line, including features, pricing, and platform support, please refer to our product comparison guide.

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