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Synthesoft Flashback [ Update 1/8/2024 ]

Flashback is an interactive, audio-reactive, generative art platform that dynamically creates mesmerizing visuals in real-time. Equipped with a powerful user interface, it enables on-the-fly editing and customization of visuals by leveraging an extensive collection of adaptable color and pattern generators and effects construced with controls which can be configured with customized ranges and sources (timing, periods, RNG, waveforms, audio). Flashback allows users to save and load presets, edit/run/parameterize custom pixel shaders, and edit/curate color palettes.

Flashback is free to download and use.  If you enjoy using it and would like to contribute to additions and improvements, please consider becoming a patron.  Patronage is an investment in the future of the product.  It helps to cover costs related to web hosting, code signing, and  development, including further refinement of the user interface, adding new features, maintaining compatibility with new operating system versions, and improving existing functionalities.

System Requirements:

Required: Microsoft Windows 10 / 11 (x64)
Required: Microsoft VC Runtimes (included in ZIP distribution)
Reccomended: A newer, gaming-targeted video adapter with updated drivers and OpenGL support. OpenGL driver support is required in order to run presets that contain modules that use OpenGL (KOB Animator & GLSL Shader). If a suitable driver is not installed then presets that use these modules will be disabled.

Screen shots of the Flashback UI are included below and examples of the anamations are available on the Synthesoft YouTube Channel including a playlist that specifically demonstrates sound-sync (adjust the video quality for 1440p).

More info:

Download Flashback
MD5: D93671AA270BD4539A74307927509E49
SHA-265: 1D0CC31C16DF7F6B31D2E10733F589488A31CD1154EE4FFDB345E5496E9B399A



This Flashback distribution includes the Flashback Visuals Generator/Editor, the Palette Editor, and the Shader Editor/Tester:

Flashback Visuals Generator


Video of Flashback UI in action. Best viewed w/quality set to 1440p on YouTube

Screen captures...

Flashback Visuals Generator

Flashback Visuals Generator

Palette Editor

Palette Editor

Shader Editor/Tester

Shader Tester

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