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A note about Code Signing

Starting in 2024, Synthesoft will modify its distribution method for Flashback releases. These changes include discontinuing the practice of code-signing Flashback and shifting from an installer-based distribution to providing the software in ZIP file format. Code-signing is a security measure that authenticates the software's source and integrity, but due to the substantial and increasing costs of obtaining certificates—exceeding $200 per year over a three-year period—Synthesoft has decided to forgo this process.

Instead of using an installer, users will download Flashback software in a ZIP file. This approach simplifies the installation process, as users can easily extract the contents of the ZIP file directly into any folder where they have permission to modify contents, thus eliminating the need for a separate installation procedure.

To maintain a level of security in the absence of code-signing, Synthesoft plans to provide MD5 and SHA256 hashes alongside the download links. These hashes are essentially unique digital fingerprints for files. Users can calculate the hash of the downloaded file and compare it to the hash provided on the website to ensure that the software has not been altered or corrupted. This method is effective as long as the Synthesoft website hosting the page with the hashes hasn't been compromised. If an attacker were to gain control of the website, they could potentially alter both the downloadable file and the corresponding hashes, thus undermining this security measure.

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