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Auxiliary Settings

From here you can configure additional options governing the behavior of the screen saver.

Blank screen timeout

Determines the number of minutes that the screen saver will draw before blanking the screen and completely giving up the CPU to other applications.

Timeout before password is required

Determines how many seconds the screen saver should run before it will require password validation when it wakes up.  This is useful for times when the screen saver kicks in while you are reading what’s on the screen or if you step away from your workstation briefly. 

Duration override (lengthen or shorten default Display durations)

This slider allows you to extend (override) the all of the Duration values used by a Display (or Displays if you are playing a sequence or using the randomizer). The value specified by this slider is the number of seconds that will be added to each of the duration values used by the Display. Since most of the displays that ship with the screen saver are configured to demonstrate the capabilities of the screen saver at a fast pace, this control is useful for slowing things down for normal viewing (or speeding them up if you have a really short attention span. . Note that, although the slider allows negative values, no duration value will be adjusted to a duration less than zero.

Disable wakeup on mouse move

By checking this check box, you prevent the screen saver from waking up when the mouse is moved. This is can be toggled while the screen saver is running by pressing the F9 key. For information on other keyboard commands, please see the Keyboard Commands section of the manual.

CPU Usage

Determines how much processing time the screen saver receives when other applications are contending for the CPU. Keep in mind that the fact that other applications are running does not imply that they are placing a high demand on the CPU. In general, it is a good idea to keep this set to the “Low” setting unless the screen saver does not appear to be animating smoothly. 

Animation Speed

Controls how fast the animations are drawn. This allows users of faster systems to slow things down so that they can watch them.

Seconds to display title

This allows you to configure how long the name of the currently running settings will be displayed in the top center of the screen before being erased. A setting of zero will keep the name from being displayed at all.

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