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Video Mode

Use the controls here to set the video mode that the screen saver will use when it runs.  When the screen saver is invoked, it will switch into the video mode you have specified and when it exits, it will switch back to the original video mode.  In The Psychedelic Screen Saver this panel can be used to switch to a 256 color (8 bits-per-pixel) mode where in order to gain support for the color animation effects.  In The Hypnogenic Screen Saver, you can use this panel to switch to a 24 or 32 bit-per-pixel mode to gain support for its enhanced color effects. 

*Microsoft Windows 8 does not support 256 color video modes but provides excellent support for 32 bit-per-pixel modes.  If you are running on Windows 8 we recommend you run in the default video mode with all our screen savers. 

Display device:

This shows you the name of the display device that is currently being configured.  Most systems will have only one display device but Windows 98 and Windows 2000 support multiple monitor configurations which may have up to 16 display devices.  Each of these devices can be selected and configured independently of the others. 

Default mode for this device:

This provides you with information about the video mode that the current display device is currently using.  It will tell you the number of colors supported and the x and y resolutions of the mode.

Run screen saver in:

This provides you with information about the video mode that the screen saver will use. 

Available video modes for this device:

This is a list of the video modes that are supported by the currently selected display device. Please keep in mind that some video modes may be supported by your card that are not supported by your monitor.  Changing the display mode into an unsupported mode can leave your display unreadable.  As a result, it's best to avoid choosing a display mode that you can't test first.


Set the video mode that the screen saver will use for the current display device to the selected entry in the “Available video modes” list.  

Clear (use default mode)

This button will set the video mode for the currently selected display device to the video mode displayed in the "Default mode" box.


Tests the currently selected entry in the “Available Modes” list. 

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