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Edit Displays

Use the controls here to build and manage your Displays.  A Display is comprised of one or more modules and a palette.  The modules provide the structure of the shapes used in the display while the palette will determine the colors used to display the shapes. To select which modules are used, right click your mouse on the Module Icon (looks like a gray 'M') to bring up the Options Menu and then select the module you wish to use from the "Add Module" sub menu.  Each of the modules you select will be added to the Display hierarchy.   You can edit the controls for the modules you've added by selecting the module you want to edit in the Display hierarchy and the controls for that module will appear to the right.

Options Menu (right mouse click on Display hierarchy window)

Import *.PSY File(s)...

Import Display settings that you obtain from other users of the software.  Importing a setting will copy it from its original location into your settings directory.  In addition, the import process will convert a Display authored with an older version of the software into a setting compatible with the current version.

Delete Current Display

Completely removes the currently selected Display from the system.

Add Module

Allows you to select which module(s) will be included in your Display.  To remove a module from your display, select the module you wish to remove by clicking on it in the Display hierarchy window and then press the Delete key on the keyboard.

Other controls...

Saved Displays

From here you can pick the Display you want to edit.   When you select a new display, the Display is loaded into the Display hierarchy window so that you can select and edit its components..


Saves the changes you've made to the current Display.

Save As...

Saves the changes you've made to a new Display with a different name.  While you can save Displays to any folder you like, only Displays in the settings folder are available to the screen saver.

Saving a Display creates a *.PSY file bearing the name you gave it.  PSY files can be launched by double clicking on them from the Windows Explorer.  They can also be placed on web site where users can launch them simply by pressing the link.

Clear first

 If this is checked, your screen will be cleared to black when the screen saver first starts.

Module Controls

Module controls are discussed individually in their respective section of the documentation.

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