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CD/Spectrum Pro Hardware Requirements

Generally speaking, you need a multimedia computer, capable of recording and playing back CD audio using only the Windows CD Player and Sound Recorder. It is extremely rare to find a system which can perform that task yet cannot handle CDSPro.

Although CD/Spectrum Pro will run on a 486, a 200Mhz or better Pentium is recommended for optimum performance. If your machine has trouble keeping up with the processor-intensive spectrum analysis, you may choose to use only the CD audio part of the program.

Of course a CD player is required for the CD audio portion of the program to function. If your system has more than one CD drive, you can choose which one CD/Spectrum Pro will use by right-clicking either on the ?CD? indicator in the Console window, or anywhere in the CD player window. Currently, CD/Spectrum Pro provides no special support for multidisc changers, so although it should work with them, it will not be able to provide changer-specific functionality like changing which slot is playing.

A sound card in necessary for the spectrum analyzer to function. The spectrum analyzer uses the wave capture on the sound card to determine what the CD audio signal looks like. If no sound card is present, or the sound card does not support wave capture, you may choose to use only the CD audio part of the program.

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