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Mixer Window

The Mixer module in CD/Spectrum Pro exposes whatever standard mixer controls your sound card driver exports. The buttons on the left, titled "Record", "Listen", "Headphones", "Voice", etc determine which types of controls the Mixer is using at the time. For example, if you select the "Record" button, any supported mixer controls for recording will appear to the right. This would allow you to control which source(s) is/are being digitized ("recorded") by the ADC in your sound card, and therefore being fed to the spectrum and scope windows in CD/Spectrum Pro. Similarly, selecting "Listen" allows you to see any supported controls for controlling which sources are being fed to the speakers. Not all sound cards support all types of controls. For example, very few sound cards support anything other than "Record", "Listen", and "Voice" controls.

On the far right of the Mixer module is the Master Volume control, which also has bass and treble controls. On sound cards which expose standard bass and treble functionality, these sliders can be used to adjust the bass and treble of the sound coming out of the speakers. On sound cards which do not expose standard bass and treble controls, these sliders will drop back down to the bottom after being pulled up. The only way to fix this is to get better drivers for your sound card.

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