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CD/Spectrum Pro CD Info DB Module

The new CD Information module is a replacement for the CDP Tool. The older tool is no longer shipped with CD/Spectrum Pro, and is in fact removed during installation of current versions of CDSPro.

The CD Info DB module provides the ability to manage your CD information collection. You can view, print, delete, and edit information for all your CDs in this module. The information manipulated by this module is the local copy of your CD information - the "cache" of information which you have either entered into the program, or downloaded from the CDDB. This local information is stored in the CDINFO.CDP file in the same directory as CD/Spectrum Pro.

The CD Info DB module consists of a window, which contains two main display areas, and several buttons. The display areas are a list view (top), and an edit view (bottom). The list view's contents depends on the view mode - either it contains a list of all the CDs your computer has seen, or it contains a list of all the tracks on those CDs.

The buttons are as follows:

  • Export - This button brings up a dialog in which you can export the CD information to various format files.
  • Import - This button brings up a dialog in which you can import a CDP file, or the CD Player's INI file.
  • Copy - This button puts the information for the selected CD(s) on the clipboard
  • Paste - This button (which is active only when data is available), pastes CD information) from the clipboard.
  • Edit - This button brings up the dialog in which you can edit/download/upload the CD information.
  • Delete - This button deletes the entries for the selected CD(s).
  • Select All/None - Selects all or none of the entries. Press once to select all, again for none.
  • Print - Brings up a dialog in which you can print CD information). If you are in CD view mode, you can print a list of CDs, or jewel cases, or pages containing CD info. If you are in Track view mode, you can print a list of tracks. Either way, there's a font tab in which you can choose the font which be used for printing.
  • View - This button toggles between Track view mode and CD view mode.


If you have a current version of the common controls (in other words, if you've installed IE4 or later), the headers for the columns in the list view can be dragged and repositioned. A slider between the list and edit views can be used to allocate screen space to each view.

Clicking the headers in the list view will change the sort order for the entries in the view. For example, click the "Artist" header to sort by artist in ascending order. Click artist again to sort by artist in descending order. Click "Time" to sort by time, etc.

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