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Configuration Options

You can configure each element of CD/Spectrum Pro. The engines are configured by right-clicking either on the indicator in the Console window, or on the respective window (for example the CD window for the CD engine). The individual windows are configured by right-clicking on the respective window. Suffice to say, right-click on something to configure it.

CD Audio

  • Is Default CD Player - if this option is chosen, Windows will run CD/Spectrum Pro to autoplay CDs.

  • Intro Duration - the number of seconds that will be played from each track in Intro mode.

  • Logical CD Drive - the logical drive letter of the CD drive that CD/Spectrum Pro will use.

  • Autorun on Startup - if this option is chosen, CD/Spectrum Pro will begin playing the CD as soon as the program is run.

  • Auto Eject after Last Track - If this option is chosen, CD/Spectrum Pro will automatically eject the CD after play has completed.

  • Stop CD on Exit - If this is chosen, the CD will stop playing when you exit CD/Spectrum Pro.


  • HiColor and LowColor - The spectrum will be displayed with the high color unless the Gradient option is chosen, in which case the spectrum is dithered so that the low elements are LowColor and the high elements are HiColor.

  • Spectrum Trails Duration - adjusts the linger duration of the spectrum trails.


  • 3D Look - if chosen, CD/Spectrum Pro will make its buttons look recessed.

  • Layouts - provides a quick interface to choosing from the saved layouts.

  • Colors - this option provides a dialog box within which you can set the colors CD/Spectrum Pro uses for things like background color, button color, etc.

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