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Choose Display

This panel provides you with a convenient way to browse and select a Display from the list of available Displays. The Display that is selected will be used whenever the screensaver is run.

Here is a brief description of the controls on this page.

Saved Displays

From here you can pick the Display that will be used when the screen saver runs.  To pick a new display from the list of available displays, select its name from those in the display chooser control.  If the Quick preview is enabled then the currently selected display will be previewed in the Preview Window.  

The CD Icon to the left of the display chooser will indicate whether or not a Display was authored to support sound synchronization.   If a Display supports sound synchronization then you can launch CD/Spectrum Pro, select a sound source (like a CD or MP3 file), and run the screen saver to get visuals which move with the sounds from the sound source.


Enable Quick Preview 

If this is checked then the currently selected Display will be previewed in the small preview window. The preview window will always display the last saved version of a Display so, if you make changes to a display, you'll need to save them before the preview window will display them. If you have a slower system you may want to disable the quick preview in order to keep the user interface as responsive as possible. 


Full Screen Preview

This button will launch the screen saver in full screen mode.


Register or About

This button will take you to the registration dialog where you can find out how to:

  • Purchase a license for a Synthesoft product
  • Enter a registration code for a Synthesoft product to remove the reminder messages
  • Get support for a Synthesoft product
  • Get to the Synthesoft Web Site

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